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Name : Wmbio
Version : 1.02
Created : 16/04/2002

Wmbio is a dockapp designed for windowmaker. It shows you your biorhythms by setting your birth date. It also allows you to see the progress in the time of your biorhythms and it calculates your next positive or negative total biorhythmic level.

New Version
The new 1.02 version has been provided by Remy Bochs.

You can download any of wmbio's file at the sourceforge download page here.

Something about me
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Giacomo Galilei
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Perugia, Italy

What's biorhythms
In the beginning of this century, Dr. Wilhelm Fliess noticed identical rhythms in the case histories of his patients. He observed active and passive phases in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of humans. Out of these observations he derived the principle of the biorhythms: The physical curve with its cycle of 23 days, the emotional curve with 28 days and the mental curve with 33 days.

When the curve of any cycle is above the midline, we experience a "high" in the corresponding field (physical, emotional or mental). If it is the physical curve, you will feel bodily well and, for example, if you were to have an operation the body would be more resilent. If it is the emotional curve, you will be in a good mood and your contact with other people will be positive. If it is the mental curve, your thought processes will be sharper, concentration will be easier and you may have a lot of ideas and insights.
When the curve of any cycle is below the midline, we experience a "low" in the corresponding field. If it is a physical low, you may feel weak and listless; if it is an emotional low, you may feel miserable and out of sorts; if it is a mental low, thinking can be foggy and concentration hard.
When any of the curves crosses the midline, this is a critical time in the corresponding field and if two curves cross the midline at the same point, this is a very critical time. Critical in the physical field means you may feel exhausted and it is better to avoid physical effort and operations. Critical in the emotional field means you may feel irritable and sad, and emotional outbreaks are likely so it is better to avoid conflicts and arguments. Critical in the mental field finally means sluggish thinking and it is better to postpone activities that demand a lot of concentration.
Biorhythms can't predict or explain events, they can only suggest how we may deal with them. For example, some doctors plan operations around them or sports coaches use them in their individual training programs. But it is up to you whether you believe in them or not.
Installation note:
With tar.gz file: $ tar zxfv wmbio-1.01.tar.gz
$ cd wmbio
$ cd src
$ make
$ su
# make install

With rpm file: $ su
# rpm -ivh wmbio-1.01-2.i386.rpm

Enjoy:   $ wmbio
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Face 1
This is the principal face of the dockapp. From here you can keep under eyes the states of your biorhythms.There are three bars, one for every biorhythmic cycle: phisical (F), emotional (E), intellectual (I). On right side of every bars, there is a sign that shows if the progress of biorhythm will bring it to a upper or lower condition.
By default, the bars show the states of your biorhythms today: the notice "now" is to indicate this modality of showing. After left-clicking on the notice, will appear a modificable date that allows you to see the proiection of your biorhythms in the time.
Click with left mouse button on day's figures to increase it, and click with right one to decrease it. The same thing happens with month's and year's figure, to permit a fast change of date and a fast sight of your own biorhythms in past and future. To return viewing today's biorhythms, just click with right button anywhere.
Face 2
Switching faces by clicking with middle mouse button, you arrive to the second dockapp's face. Here is possible to change your birth date. Click on the numbers near notice DD, MM, YYYY, to change respectively day month and year of your birth. Constantly refreshed below, is the number of total lived days
Face 3
Switching again with middle mouse button, in the 3rd face, you can see what will be the day which you will have upper or lower than a given percentage biorhythms level in. You can change the sign '>' in '<' by clicking on it, in case you want to see your worst day instead of your better one.
Then click on percentage, to change it. The date that will appear, will be the next date when your biorhythmic total level will be upper (>) or lower (<) the percentage given.

Left mouse button to increase a number
Middle mouse button to switch the three dockapp's faces
Right mouse button to decrease a number